Repairing your Leaky Shower in Sydney

Our team of experienced plumbers have years of direct experience repairing residential showers and even replacing or installing new ones. Just pick up the phone, and you can be assured our courteous professionals will be on their way to you in no time.

We offer a wonderful plumbing service at prices that mean great value.  We are proud of our track record of success and happy customers throughout Sydney.  Here you will find the best knowledge and expertise in the key areas of household plumbing, whether it’s in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even with the installation of plumbing related appliances and fixtures.  And don’t forget one of the most common reasons people call: leaking tap repairs.

A shower that leaks can result in a host of different issues ranging from the annoying to the very damaging.  Do you know exactly where the leak is coming from, or where it is going?  We can find it and fix it.  Sometimes the “fix” might be something you can do on your own, perhaps a showerhead that drips or a faucet that leaks.  But in the case of more difficult problems that call for professional techniques and tools, especially where your home might be threatened due to water in ceilings or on floors, then you should leave those jobs to us.

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The Most Common Problems in Showers

The following are generally, where the many types of common shower problems occur:

The Shower Mixer Valve

What is a mixer valve?  Simply put, a mixer valve is a special device that blends the hot and cold water supply to achieve the desired temperature.  Typical failures that occur from the building up of lime (scale) inside the shower.  This build-up can also affect the valve over time by stiffening the valve.  Over time, scale obstructs the water flowing out of the showerhead.   To properly fix these conditions might call for installing a new cartridge (housing) or seal.  This will fix the problems roughly 90% of the time.

Repair of the Electric Shower

An electric-type shower uses a small boiler to heat the incoming cold water.  The cold water is raised to the temperature you desire inside of the unit.  They operate as very efficient small kettles and as with most pots or kettles, they can accumulate deposits.    Incoming water quality is a factor in the number of issues we find, but a good rule of thumb is to replace the boiler unit approximately every two to five years.

Most electrical elements fail due to the build-up of mineral scale, or sometimes an internal leak will create an electrical short-circuit.  Rest assured key components can be replaced and the unit returned to operational condition. Our skilled team provides all of the parts and labour needed to make your electric shower unit as good as new.

Repairs to Thermostatic Showers

As you might guess from the name, a thermostatic-type shower has an internal thermostat for holding the water at a desired heat level regardless of the variations in the actual temperature of the supplied water (cold and hot). Generally, the following problems can occur in these types of showers:

  1.  A leak can develop through the actual shower unit itself or the spray head, even if the valve is “off”.
  2.  Inability to maintain a fixed temperature.  When this happens, our technicians will perform checks both internally and externally, before identifying the root of the problem and proper action to repair it.  In any case, we are the Bathroom Plumbers who will assess your situation within thirty minutes.

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Repairing the Power Shower

Power showers do resemble electric showers, but differ because of they employ a pump, not a heating element.  A power shower increases the water pressure to create a more enjoyable and effective shower experience.  Problems are generally isolated to an electrical fault, vapour lock (air bubble) or a faulty pump motor.

If you’re having problems with a leaking shower valve, get our experts on the case.  They’ll provide an estimate on the time needed for the repair (if repairable), and source a new part for installation on the next visit.  Next, you’ll get a fair, honest quote since we’ll know precisely what additional labour and parts are required.  Don’t let yourself be aggravated and inconvenienced by a shower that leaks.   Call our certified Bathroom Plumbers, and watch what they can do.  Remember, we’re here 24/7 in Sydney.