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United Solar Energy has a very clear focus on helping our customers reduce the daily cost of using electricity and improving their environmental sustainability. Our customers are typically cautious about their investment in solar energy, require quality products with proven track records without paying more than they have to. They are not satisfied just on price, quality is of high importance combined with the real backup support and no fuss warranties.

That’s why they pick United Solar Energy. We have a deep understanding of how to best improve their cost of living through products and services that yield results.

Our friendly solar team are practical and easy to work with, with a dedicated focus on customer service that gives peace of mind. Our honest approach to the needs of all our prospective clients showcases the qualities that has awarded us “Solar Gold Certification” by the Australian Solar Council and accreditation from the Clean Energy Council. If you are considering installing solar power make sure you give us the opportunity to express our friendly service, combined with the most value and affordable solar packages.

clean-energy-councilSolar has become a very confusing purchase with the large variety of solar products, warranties and installation companies. How do you separate the good from the bad?

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the governing body of the Australian Solar industry. Authorised by the ACCC, the CEC has created a code to recognise dedicated solar retail companies who have demonstrated best practice and can provide the best customer service and products.

Protect your solar investment – ONLY select an Approved Retailer

solar gold certificationTechnical knowledge to get the most out of any solar package is the key ingredient to maximising your production and reducing issues requiring expensive repairs and loss of production costing you even more.

So how do you know your dealing with a reputable installation company?

The Australian Solar Council have pioneered solar in Australia for over 50 years and have awarded companies who have a proven ability and demonstrated best practice with Solar Gold Certification.

clean-energy-fundingWant to switch to solar power don’t have the money upfront?

United Solar Energy has many solutions to make switching to solar power for your home, business or school easy and affordable.

We will find the best finance option for your situation that will make sense and provide flexibility. Together with our Clean Energy Funding partner, switching to solar power will become less complicated and affordable.

Don’t wait – Go solar today with a finance solution for your budget.